Real Estate Leaders Hand Proptech Innovators Their Proptech Wish List

Global hackathon focused on the biggest challenges identified by the largest operators

by Dave McKenna, Editor CREB on July 31, 2020

In Greek mythology, Prometheus chose to give humans the knowledge of fire and thereby empowered them in the eyes of the Olympians (Zeus was not pleased, but that is another story). When nineteen top operators and wealthy institutions issue a proptech wish list, it is like a gift from the tech gods to the startup-mortals, made of clay, looking with desire upon the Blessed Climbs.

CREtech recently announced the Reimagining Real Estate Hackathon, focused on pressing tech challenges faced by the real estate industry. CREtech has partnered with a number of leading real estate operators and institutions too offer an open invitation to innovators and experts around the world to “meet the urgent tech needs of real estate owners and developers,” according to a recent press release announcing the event.

Hackathon Details

The hackathon is a free event with an open platform. Each of the almost two dozen real estate companies will submit challenges to be solved. Participating teams will compete to solve these challenges. It is a rare opportunity of proptech innovators to work directly on pre-vetted problems identified as urgent needs by blue-chip organizations.

Companies Contributing Challenges

The Hackathon started accepting challenges on July 29 and will run from August 20 to September 10, 2020 with teams collaborating and presenting solutions virtually. “Our global Hackathon continues our company’s mission to drive innovation in the world’s largest business sector, commercial real estate,” stated Michael Beckerman, CEO, CREtech. “I am so excited to see how the real estate industry will create the challenges that demand urgent solutions to and how the tech sector will respond and create these solutions,” Beckerman added.

Solution Showcase

The projects will be displayed in a global “gallery”, where viewers all over the world can explore the solutions. We will also be organizing an online “gala and showcase” event where noteworthy projects will be discussed and demonstrated.


Teams and participants will take part in the challenges held during the three-week Hackathon period. Teams will work remotely to develop a prototype solution to a business challenge. More details are here:

  • Posting the Challenges: July 29 – August 19
  • Participant and Team Registration: July 29 – August 19
  • Hackathon: August 20 – September 10

Cover Photo by Clark Van Der Beken on Unsplash