Bright Spaces Making Big Splash with Romanian Project

The 3D showcasing platform will be deployed by Romanian Developer Skanska in October 2020

Press Release from Bright Spaces – August 27, 2020

PropTech Romanian startup Bright Spaces has recently signed an agreement with Skanska Romania and will implement its interactive 3D showcasing platform for Equilibrium, a project owned by the developer in Bucharest, Romania. The platform will go live in October 2020.

Bright Spaces caught the eye of Skanska Romania since its participation in the PropTech Hackathon organized by Skanska with the support of Proptech Romania, in November 2019. During that competition, Bright Spaces managed to win the first place in Leasing and the 3rd place overall.

Equilibrium – Developed by Skanska

The Skanska Hackathon was also the first PropTech Hackathon in Romania dedicated to the office sector and it emphasized the need for advanced tech solutions that can support the development of the real estate industry. Skanska Romania supports the digitalization of the office spaces industry and continues to show a genuine tendency for engaging in the creation, adoption and implementation of technology and PropTech solutions.

With this event, Skanska started a process that has continued during the pandemic. Digitalization has become even more necessary now, more than ever, given the new social and economic context. Therefore, signing with Bright Spaces enhances this digital transformation journey that the developer had already started.

Bright Spaces is a PropTech startup, founded by Bogdan Nicoara and Andrei Constantin, that developed the first complete, integrated virtual showcasing solution for office spaces. In Romania, the platform will be implemented for the first time for Equilibrium, a project developed and owned by Skanska in the northern area of Bucharest, one of the most important local business hubs, and it will be ready to use in October 2020.

The idea behind Bright Spaces was born in April 2019, as a response to certain growing needs within the real estate market. Resources need to be optimized whilst landlords and agents need to constantly attract new clients. Likewise, the industry must keep up with the latest technologies. 

With Bright Spaces, tenants, landlords and agents can see within the same online, controlled, and easy to use platform, all the relevant details of a building, inside and outside (even while that building is in the design phase), various fitout options, can request offers and schedule visits. The startup has already raised their first funding round in November 2019 and participated in the Pi Labs accelerator earlier this year. The advantages it presents and the fact that it can be easily tailored to each building, regardless of its size or location, represent clear validation that Bright Spaces has what it takes to become a global player.

Implementing Bright Spaces for Equilibrium targets the optimization and automation of Skanska’s leasing process by presenting in the most innovative and interactive way possible the available spaces along with all the relevant details about them. This solution also digitizes the interactions between potential clients and the project. By becoming the startup’s first client and by introducing this solution for the first time in the leasing process of an office building, Skanska supports once again innovation. As an Early Adopter, it plays a vital role with positive impact in the digitalization of the real estate industry.

At Skanska, we put great value on the experience we offer our clients when they interact with our team or with our projects, from the first encounter (which can be either live or virtual) but also when they are residents of our buildings. The platform developed together with our partners from Bright Spaces helps us to be closer to our potential clients (tenants or investors) by presenting our available spaces in the most innovative and interactive way possible and by digitizing a significant part of their interaction with the project, even if it’s in the planning, construction or finalized stage. This new tool is even more welcomed given the times we’re living. The current context made us rethink our current processes in order to facilitate the complete showcasing of the project remotely and safely”, said Anne-Marie Diaconu, Leasing and Asset Management Director Skanska Property Romania.

Bright Spaces is a truly innovative digital solution that aims to change the rules in an industry where most processes are manual and the approach is less digitized compared to other industries. We consider ourselves lucky to have Skanska as a partner, our relationship being very strong since last year and we are happy to extend our collaboration through this platform. Furthermore, we want to implement Bright Spaces in Romania and abroad, as we are not limited by the size or complexity of the office spaces we can showcase”, said Bogdan Nicoara, CEO and Founder Bright Spaces.

The legal consultancy for the signing of this partnership was offered by Oana Bucsa, Senior Associate at PeliPartners for Skanska Romania and by Ana Maria Andronic, Head of Intellectual Property and Corina Badiceanu from DLA Piper Romania for Bright Spaces.

We are happy to accompany Bright Spaces on their journey to reshape an important market – that of office spaces. Our collaboration was very natural and easy, Bright Spaces’ determination to take bold steps was in complete harmony with our team’s experience in tech and with our desire to build a long-term successful partnership”, said Ana Maria Andronic, Head of Intellectual Property and Technology DLA Piper. 

About Bright Spaces

Bright Spaces is a PropTech startup developed in Romania, that offers a complete digital showcasing solution for office spaces. By using 3D visualization, digital space availability and various automation, optimization and digitalization features in the office space leasing process, Bright Spaces aims to increase the number of relevant requests and to foster commercial agreements in this segment. 

About Skanska

Skanska is one of the most important development and construction companies in Europe. Beside the Nordic countries, the company operates in the building and civil constructions areas in Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and the UK. Skanska develops commercial properties on certain housing markets in Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania and Hungary and the residential development is active in Poland, Czech Republic and the UK using the BoKlok concept. In 2019, Skanska’s sales were of 33 billion SEK and it had aprox 11.700 employees involved in its European activities excluding the Nordic countries. 

About DLA Piper

With over 90 fully integrated offices in over 40 countries all over the world, DLA Piper is a global business law company that aims to meet the legal performance needs of clients all over the world. The DLA Piper office in Bucharest offers support to its clients through a team of over 50 lawyers and tax consultants with international experience, able to address complex legal and economic issues, both locally and internationally, covering 10 business sectors, through an integrated practice approach.

Featured image. Left to right: Andrei Constantin- Cofounder &CTO, Eugen Mihai – UX,UI&3D, George Marin – Developer, Bogdan Nicoara – Founder & CEO, Petrica Postolache-Developer