Fintech was already transforming mortgage lending prior to the Covid-19 crisis. The pandemic is actually accelerating the adoption of fintech because it offers socially-distanced interaction and better service by Dave McKenna, Editor – CREB on April 22, 2020 We’re all remote consumers today. The necessity of social distancing and state-wideRead More →

PropTech unicorn is investing in Retail when others won’t. The decade long decline in Retail real estate has scrambled portfolios and left operators scratching their heads about how to recover value. Technology helped create the mess, and it must might help solve it. by Dave McKenna, Editor CREB October 23,Read More →

The proliferation of cyber-relevant third parties created a massive headache for PE giant Blackstone. Keeping up with the cyber assessments of so many downstream vendors was straining the capacity of the portfolio companies. The solution was the formation of a ground-breaking one-to-many assessment platform that reduces friction in large techRead More →