Meet Mike Sroka, co-founder and CEO of Dealpath by Marc Rapport in MillionAcres on August 3, 2020 Private equity giant Blackstone didn’t reveal the size of its investment in Dealpath when the two companies announced the deal earlier this year, but it helped inject cash and cachet into a growing niche of realRead More →

Tenants know about their renewal plans long before they inform landlords. Off-Market app seeks to bring transparency By Kelsi Maree Borland  in on August 4, 2020 A new real estate tech company is providing off-market listings to renters. Southern California-based PocketList is an apartment rental platform that provides rental listings before theyRead More →

First – be more relevant during a pandemic. Next, be founded by successful serial entrepreneurs with laser focus. Finally, have great tech, strong relationships, and flawless execution…that’s about it. by Angelica Krystle Donati in Forbes on July 24, 2020 I’m a strong believer – as we’ve explored several times over theRead More →

The startup, which has raised $434 Million according to Crunchbase, is abandoning of the B2C business model and focusing on facilitating the industry incumbents  By Mary Ann Azevedo in Housing Wire on July 16, 2020 Startup Knock announced Thursday it is getting out of the real estate brokerage business and becoming a lender.Read More →